Highly flexible and ultra-scalable implementation, suitable for future core networks

In a nutshell: 

  • 100% cloud native
  • Simplified core network
  • Highly scalable
  • Minimal resources footprint
  • Fully integrated with 5G RAN (for immediate practical demonstrations)
  • Easy to interoperate with 5G SBA network functions (facilitating a gradual evolution)
  • Easy customizable and adaptable to use cases
  • Ideal for testbeds and future research beyond 5G and 6G
  • Based on 20 years of experience in implementing toolkits addressing the R&D community

First 6G core network implementation 

The Fraunhofer FOKUS Open6GCore toolkit is the world's first practical design and implementation of a 6G core network, aligning 3GPP networks with modern IT industry software development best practices. Leveraging our expertise from 4G OpenEPC and 5G Open5GCore, we've developed a highly flexible and ultra-scalable architecture suited for various deployment models and use cases. Open6GCore supports massive workloads and integrates seamlessly with 5G NR base stations and user equipment, offering a 6G core implementation compatible with today's 5G functions.

Open6GCore accelerates research by facilitating knowledge transfer from Fraunhofer FOKUS to our customers. It provides a robust foundation for 6G testbed deployments, trials, pilots, and the development of new standard-oriented features. This toolkit embodies our 6G core network vision, enabling rapid innovation, swift implementation, and effective evaluation of new concepts and use cases.

Open6GCore Architecture
Open6GCore Architecture Fraunhofer FOKUS

Open6GCore is the first 6G core network implementation designed to meet the demands of 6G testbeds for FOKUS and partner projects. Key features of Open6GCore Rel. 1 include:

  • Implementation of the organic 6G core network concept: software programs can morph their functionality to the use case needs
  • Highly flexible architecture – a new separation of the core network functionality while maintaining the SBA model
  • Ultra-scalable design – drastic stateless functionality split
  • Cloud-native deployment – enabling native load balancing and distribution.

Compatibility with 5G base stations and phones, supporting NAS [N1], NG-AP [N2], and PFCP [N4]

Open6GCore can run on standard hardware platforms, supporting cloud-native deployments, containers, virtual machines, or bare metal. The hardware requirements for a testbed setup depend on the expected functionality and performance of control and data planes. Open6GCore can scale from a Raspberry Pi to a full rack of servers.

Highly customizable, Open6GCore can be tailored to specific use cases. The source code license option offers ultimate flexibility for easy customization and prototype development.